Taboos, Taboos Everywhere



Surprisingly, there is a generous amount of people who blog about taboos. However, there are many different ways to blog about taboos. I, for one, like to create a little intro to work into the topic. Then I talk about the topic itself, and the information I found on it. Then I talk about my opinions and feelings about the taboo. I thought everyone wrote in this style but I was so wrong.

One blogger I found writes about taboos in the style of a poem. Which I thought was extremely creative and interesting because although the blog is really short, it makes the reader think and realize that great things can also be simple. The blog talks about “forbidden love” and how sometimes some relationships have to be hidden because they are just not accepted. Maybe like having a mistress or friends with benefits. To top off the simple poem, the blogger used a giant eye-catching picture. I felt as if I could just sit there for several minutes and just stare into the beauty of the photo that accompanied the blog. This was, by far, one of the best and my most favorite ways to blog about a taboo.

Another strategy to blog about taboos is to pick an odd topic and bring up the history and studies that have been about this topic. Another blogger wrote about a “menstrual cup” and how its suppose to help with periods and catch everything the flows out. The also use studies and incorporate questions that people would most likely have about this topic. For example, one of the questions was “is this cup reliable” and another was “would I be happier if I made the switch from using pads or tampons to a menstrual cup?”  I felt this type of blog is very informational and I felt that I learn a bit or two from these blogs. Although I am not too crazy about these types of blogs, I do not have anything against them. It just is not the type of creativity I admire.

The third type of blog I found was more on the personal side. The blogger wrote about being a stay at home mom and whether that should be considered a taboo. She wrote about what people have said to her about her life choice and their opinions are it. Then she works in her own thoughts and feelings about the career she has chosen, which is an element I like about this blog. To be honest, I would not want to be a stay at home mom because I do not want to have to depend on others—I want the power to be independent. I preferably would not like to depend on my husband for everything because I am just not that type of person.

Even though all these blogs talk about taboos, they are very unique in their own ways. They bring forth different qualities to the taboo blogger table. Although I do like all these different styles, I would much rather stick with the format I have been using ever since I started blogging not too long ago.


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